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Who We Are?

Al Moien & Co. is a company established with the purpose of providing standard products, and economical services to national, international, multi-national, government, non-government, profit, nonprofit Organization/Companies/Associations and individuals either incorporated or non-incorporated. Working in different area all over Pakistan and make the network of its expertise all over the world by providing services and standard products.
The company is working as one window operation for various projects, giving convenient accessibility to the clients.

Our Story

We are by the Grace of Allah Almighty determined to larger than life goals for our future generations. We dream for other, we feel passionate to pursue others passions. We want people to grow to flourish. We want to help, enlighten other by introducing them to their selves. Spreading happiness, clam, serenity, kindness, knowledge, purposeful education and true wisdom is our purpose in life.

Our Team

To develop real interest in getting awareness about the world, enlighten ourselves, recognize the real purpose of our life, acknowledge our true abilities, to overcome our shortcomings & understand our actual interest in order to choose our careers, building confidence & self-reliance.

Our Services