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Al-Moien HD LED Screen 4K

Here at Al Moien & Co. our client’s satisfaction is our utmost priority. We are a belief-led team of dreamers, passionate for introducing new ways of marketing to maximize reach of our clients. Adhering to latest technology as well as conventional methods of marketing ensuring ease of information distribution. Our goal is to make sure that brands are speaking to the customers (existing and new).

At Al Moein & Co. we believe in transparency; with us you do not have to worry about hidden charges. The screen time plan you choose for your brand is exactly what you are getting. With us you do not have to worry about delayed communication- our team of professionals will be there every step of the way providing customer service to our esteemed clients.
Our screens and billboards are installed strategically to capture attention of potential customers of our client’s. We are the first movers in Hazara division in launching SMD screen; one of a kind in the region. The screen’s location makes it noticeable from miles away.


Al-Moien HD 4K LED is installed on Bostan Plaza which is situated on N35 main Abbottabad-Mansehra road. Abbottabad is known as gateway to the north and receive a huge influx of tourists throughout the year. Our screen is the only digital advertising platform in the region. The screen is located in the heart of main commercial area. Advertisements displayed on it can be seen from afar.

Display Time

Screen is operational 11hrs and 30mins daily.


The screen is installed in such a way that every vehicle crossing Abbottabad or accessing the main commercial area can easily see it.


One of a kind in Hazara region. HD-4k-Resolution, AL-MOIEN technology. Screen Size. 10 Feet x 20 Feet.

Gateway To North

Abbottabad is considered gateway to north and tourists going up north almost always make a spot in Abbottabad.

Traffic Influx

One of the busiest roads in Hazara region with average traffic of 2.2 million vehicles per week and 9.5 million vehicles per month.

Hassle Free

No hassle when updating your ads with regards to changing trends/seasons i.e. sale promotion, holiday sales etc. Digital ads have proven to be eye catching.


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